​​​​​Completed forms are required. No student will be screened without a parent completing the Consent Form below.

Upcoming IN school events:

THE PROCEDURE for In School Screenings (new model)

1 ) Click on the pdf Consent Form. Print it out and give it to your child the day of event or email completed form back to me. (We will have hard copies there as well, but remember your pediatrician's telephone number). There is NOTHING else needed, so go directly to Consent Form.

THE PROCEDURE for Past Heart In The Game events. We continue to offer Saturday events but now offer IN school events during the school day.

We work in 30 min time slots. Allow 60 minutes for the entire event. Parents are strongly urged to participate in CPR/AED training.

1)Click on the pdf Consent Form. Print it out and bring it with your child the day of the event. (We will have hard copies as well).

2) Call or email me to give me the best 30 min slot for your family.

Questions? - 302.494.3133 or Greer@HeartinTheGame.org

----This registration is good for ALL Delaware events---

  • Consent Form - Either print out or bring with you
  • Donate to forward our statewide mission. Call me to become a sponsor at your child's school or club.

All students should wear t-shirts and shorts (weather permitting).

Girls should wear a regular bra, not a sports bra.

  • Station 1 - Registration. Enter.
  • Station 2 -  ECG Screening by our nurses 
  • Station 3 -  Training in CPR/AED
  • Station 4 - Paws for People - Take a moment to pet the pooches
  • Station 5 - Nemours "Salt Shock" "Sugar Shock"   HEALTHY EATING!
  • Station 6 - Lions Club Claymont - Vision Testing
  • Station 8   - Med Express - student bp
  • Station 9  - atTAcK addiction - Educating students & community on addictions
  • Station 10 - Mathew Krug Foundation - Education on SCA and dissemination of AED's in school
  • ECG results will be evaluated by pediatric cardiologists from Nemours. We print two copies of the EKG. One goes in the manila folder that is left at the Registration desk as you leave. The other copy the parent keeps. If there is a cause for concern or need for a higher level of evaluation, the doctors will call both the parent and the pediatrician. The parent can then take their copy of the EKG to the pediatrician. Otherwise you will receive notice from Heart In The Game via email. Click on F A Q's for further information.
  • HELP US CONTINUE OUR STATEWIDE MISSION.  Tax deductible donations at HEART IN THE GAME FOUNDATION... 209 Jackson Blvd Wilm DE 19803

  • HEART IN THE GAME has been honored to represent DE at the Nat’l Convention of School Nurses Conference in June in Indianapolis. Nurses from around the nation AND the globe will be in attendance. We will be promoting both HEART IN THE GAME and The Grace Firestone Act for Sudden Cardiac Arrest. (only one of 9 in the US).  We are the first non-profit from our 49 member trade association to be asked.  Nat'l Assoc of School Nurses

  • Bring Heart In The Game to YOUR school during the school day. We will arrange with the administration for a one or two hour period to screen. With IN school events, we screen ONLY. The cost per student is $15.00. Many times Booster Clubs, PTA's or other benefactors support this effort.  Call me @ 302.494.3133 for details. Athletes have twice the prospect of Sudden Cardiac Arrest than non-athletes.