Heart In The Game Health Fair​​​

We now offer a complete Health Fair for your school  !!

If you have your own Fair, Heart In The Game can augment and enhance

(We can do this complete fair or EKG screenings only. You choose).

  • EKG screening with results evaluated by Nemours cardiologists
  • Training in CPR/AED 
  • blood pressure testing by Med Express
  • glucose testing
  • Healthy Eating by DE Health and Social Services
  • Trap Addiction - opiate scourge
  • Kick Butts (smoking)
  • ​Vision Testing
  • "Salt Shock" "Sugar Shock" - Healthy Eating by Nemours nurses
  • atTAck addiction - educating and supporting those in recovery
  • Therapy Dogs from Paws For People


  • We arrange with the school to come in during the day. Archmere, for example, has days per week where the kids are there at 8 but classes do not begin until 10. Screenings might be arranged during a Blood Bank drive or we can come in and create your own Health Fair.  It can be any month at any time. Whatever would work in your environment can be scheduled.
  • Our Nemours nurses work shifts. They are on board with this new model as are the pediatric cardiologists who evaluate the results
  • We have 10 machines. The EKG takes 5 minutes. Therefore in two hours alone we could screen 240 students. However, we require a minimum of 100 students. No maximum.
  • We screen ALL Delaware students aged 8-25. Athletes have twice the incidence of SCA than non-athletes.
  • Unless we have a primary sponsor, we charge $15.00 per student in public schools and especially under served public schools. In private schools the fee is $3000.00. A screening in the pediatrician's office can be $150.00. And frankly, our pediatric cardiologists are better suited to evaluate the results.
  • Sometimes the Booster Club will support the effort, or the PTA or perhaps an individual benefactor or in honor of a beloved coach or teacher. Possibly the school has funds in their budget. If individual families would be paying and cannot afford the fee, of course we will screen the child.
  • We have done away with the extensive Med History section. We now ONLY require a one page Consent Form. (see Registration page)
  • We have a new page on the site F A Q's that explains much about EKG's

In 11 events over 2 1/2 years we have recognized 3 students who have had procedures at Nemours. None had family history.

  • We would love to have the opportunity to chat with you and would make myself available to visit your school and meet arrange a date.
  • While screening is the main issue in this new model, we can also bring in those other stations that have made our events successful: "Healthy Eating" by Nemours nurses, bp screening and CPR/AED training by NCC EMS. In other words we can create a HEALTH FAIR for your school. We can discuss with you all the options. 
  • ​Why a physical exam is NOT enough. This link is to a sports medicine doc from U of Washington

Call Greer at 302.494.3133 OR


Checks to Heart In The Game to 209 Jackson Blvd Wilm DE 19803

Results from HEART IN THE GAME's  11 screenings

The NATIONAL average is 1 in 100 of students who are screened have cause for concern. With the 14 screenings to this date HEART IN THE GAME has had FOUR TIMES the national average. At Selbyville Middle School we had 6 of the 105 screened. It may be a serious problem or perhaps not. Our volunteer pediatric cardiologists then make two calls: one to the parent and the second to the pediatrician. To understate, the amount of kids between 8 and 23 with high blood pressure is disturbing.

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